Diabetes is rather a condition and not a disease, but, sadly many of us do not know this fact. Diabetes is a condition wherein your body is unable to digest all the sugar in your body, as your pancreas fail to produce enough insulin and so the sugar content in your blood shoots higher than the required quantity. That is why a diabetic patient has to keep his sugar levels low by exercise and a proper diet.

While many may think that sweets and sugar are the only two things to stay away from, there are many worst foods for a diabetic to eat. In this article, we explore to you such worst foods to eat for diabetes.

1. Processed Grains

Top 10 Worst Foods For A Diabetic To Eat

White rice is the first thing one should avoid eating in case of diabetes. Rice is the chief food in many countries across the globe and so finding an option may get difficult, although wheat is a commonly chosen option. However, if you love rice, then go for brown rice and totally avoid white processed rice. It is a greater risk if you are a type 2 diabetes patient, according to a review study conducted in 2012. Not just rice, even processed white flour or anything made from white flour should be avoided, like pasta, fried white tortillas or white bread, as it can spike blood sugar level.

2. Sweetened Cereals

Top 10 Worst Foods For A Diabetic To Eat

Although cereals like oats are considered to be a healthy option for diabetes patients, sweetened cereals can cause an increase in blood sugar level as each body responds in a different way for sweetened products. Instant products especially can be a problem for diabetic patients.

3. Canned Vegetables

Top 10 Worst Foods For A Diabetic To Eat

In an easy to cook option, many working young men and women go for canned However, this is a bad choice if you suffer from this condition. Canned vegetables have preservatives which can have a side effect on your controlled blood sugar levels. High sodium levels in canned and processed vegetables pose a huge risk to your blood sugar and also your heart. Canned vegetables include pickles, veggie cookies and Sauerkraut. Cookies have a lot of added butter, cheese, sauce and pickles use salt as preservatives which have a high content of sodium, all of which should be avoided.

4. Canned Fruits

Top 10 Worst Foods For A Diabetic To Eat

Fruit Jam, jelly and preserves should be avoided. Although fruits are good for your health, just like vegetables, canned fruits too have preservatives mostly sugar which is a strict no-no. Fruit punch, fruit drinks, fruit juice drinks and sweetened applesauce should also be avoided. Canned fruit juices have no fiber which clears your digestive system and instead have a high concentration of sugar. All juices including those marked, ‘No Sugar Added’ should be avoided in case of diabetes. A fruit smoothie is also harmful as a large smoothie contains 510 calories and 92 grams of carbohydrates. According to diabetes experts, one large Jamba Juice smoothie is equal to drinking three soda cans.

5. Processed Meat

Top 10 Worst Foods For A Diabetic To Eat

All your favorite meat in pizza’s and barbecue parties should be avoided once you have been diagnosed with diabetes; it is a hard decision but needs to be taken. Fried meat, ribs, pork bacon, poultry with skin, deep fried tofu, fried fish, beans with lard and regular cheese should be avoided. Diabetic patients should avoid these high-fat containing foods. People with diabetes are at a high risk of contracting heart diseases, and with excess oil or fat, the risk doubles. Highly saturated fat should be avoided at all costs.

6. Dairy Products

Top 10 Worst Foods For A Diabetic To Eat

Even dairy products like whole milk, regular yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream and regular half and half should be avoided if you have diabetes.

7. Drinks

Top 10 Worst Foods For A Diabetic To Eat

Say bye to all your favorite drinks that you always liked right from your childhood days, which includes, energy drinks, Sodas, Beer, fruity mixed drinks, dessert wines, sweetened tea, regular coffee, chocolate drinks, coffee with sugar and cream or even blended coffee. Experts say that all these drinks have a high content of artificial sugar and carbohydrates. Coffee especially is filled with syrup, sugar, whipped cream and other such toppings which are not good for your health. A 16 ounce of Frappuccino contains 500 calories, 98 grams of carbs and 9 grams of fat, all of which should be sidelined. Not even an occasional sip if you love yourself because just a single cup of coffee can boost your blood sugar levels to an all-new level.

8. Oils and Sweet

Top 10 Worst Foods For A Diabetic To Eat

Now we get down to our main list of worst foods for diabetes. Reduce your oil and sweet consumption, especially anything with trans-fat in it, even for cooking go for a healthier option like olive oil rather than coconut oil or palm oil. It would be better to consult a doctor and decide your oil limit. Anything that says ‘Partially hydrogenated’ even if it says that it has 0 grams of trans-fat in it should not be bought. When it comes to sweets, you should avoid doughnuts, pastries and other such bakery products, for two reasons, one they contain white flour and two they have a lot of added artificial sugar and whipped cream in it. Festival season may be the toughest time for a diabetic patient, especially when you have to miss eating cinnamon rolls, but remember that these little devils are soaked with 800 calories and upto 120 grams of carbs. Sports bars are also a strict no-no. They may seem like a healthy option, but many such bars are loaded with high levels of sugar and carbs.

9. Fast Food

Top 10 Worst Foods For A Diabetic To Eat

A lot of prepared food products and street foods have a lot of preservatives which can damage your bones and also hamper your blood sugar level.

10. Potatoes

Top 10 Worst Foods For A Diabetic To Eat

This is probably the worst foods for diabetics to eat. Potatoes are a storehouse for carbohydrates and can shoot up blood sugar concentrations in no time. Only a handful of French fries can give you up to 25 grams of fat, 500 calories and over 63 grams of carbohydrates. The American Diabetes Association has asked diabetes patients to stay away from potatoes, peas, corn and any such starch-filled

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